Friday, September 13, 2013

What Would You Like to have ? Android Ladoo or Android Lassi ?

Google 's Mobile Platform has a Unique Naming convention Which Follows Alphabetical order. Google has recently Announced that  it's Latest Android Version 4.4 will be called  "KITKAT" instead of much hyped "KEY LIME PIE".
Next version of Google Android will surely be started with Alphabet "L", So to get the Android Robot taste Indian Flavor, Indian Fans are suggesting the Google to name its next version of Android on the name of World famous Indian Dessert "Laddo" or "Lassi"

Two separate campaigns have been initiated, one strongly suggesting that "Ladoo" is what could make Android ‘sweet’ and the other which has been started by students of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, promoting the beverage-cum-desert Lassi, as a another contender.

Recommendations were made for Android 4.4 also to be the KajuKatli. Supporters had set up a dedicated website and even mailed a few boxes containing the sweets to Larry Page and Andy Rubin. This time also Android team will be send with some laddo boxes to Lure them with indian sweet name.

 If you like the next Android version to be named on a Indian Sweet, Kindly Extend your Support for Laddo By clicking here, & for Lassi  Android Lassi Campaign online.

Below is the list of Android Versions Alphabatically:
  1. Alpha
  2. Beta
  3. CupCake
  4. Donut
  5. Eclair
  6. Froyo
  7. Gingerbread
  8. Honeycomb
  9. Ice Cream Sandwitch
  10. Jelly Bean
  11. KitKat

Image Courtesy: Ladoo , Lassi

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