Thursday, September 12, 2013

How to Flash Any Android Smartphone.

We All go through A phase in life when we purchase a new Android Smartphone & after using this for some time we land into a situation where there is no update from the Manufacturer. We feel left behind in this case because there are plenty of updates from Google Android, Even phone hardware is capable of running the new version but manufacture doesn't want to update the phone because it wants to promote it's New generation of smartphone Range.

There are thousands of updated Custom Roms  available on internet but there is a lack of articles which guide you through the step by step process which can make your flashing task easy. I will post here a General walk through Which Applies to every Android phone.

Flashing or installing custom rom on your smartphone is a multiple step process. They are followed in below sequence
  1. Backup Your Phone Data
  2. Unlock the  Bootloader.
  3. Root your Phone.
  4. Install Recovery/Kernel
  5. Install Custom Rom

1.Backup Your Phone's Data
This is the first step Before you start any other step to flash your phone. you can take the backup of your contacts, messages, Gallery or any important data from your phone. There are plenty of Applications available on google play which can help you to take the backup of your phone. Save the data to SD card or computer.

2.Unlock the Bootloader.
In order to install the custom Rom, Phone should be unlocked. Every phone has a different process to unlock the boot loader. So do some research & follow the process to unlock the bootloader which is specific to your phone.

3. Root your Phone
However Rooting is not necessary to install custom Rom on every phone.But this is required on some of the phone & Gives you full control on your device. There are multiple Apps Available in Google play which can root your phone. This step is also specific to phone model.

4. Install Recovery/Kernel
Every Android phone has a recovery installed by the Manufacturer. In order to install custom Rom you need to install either CWM recovery or TWRP recovery. These recovery are easily available on internet. Kindly download the recovery specifically designed for your phone only.

5. Install Custom Rom
Download the custom Rom of your choice and place the ZIP file in SD card. Boot your phone into recovery(Most of the phone boots into recovery by pressing Power+VOL Up/VOL Down Button) & install the Zip file.  Kindly follow the Instructions of the ROM developer to get the desired results.Reboot your phone & you are done.
These are the General Steps Which Applies to Every Android Phone.If you want to know the process for any specific phone, Kindly let me know in comment section, I will write a separate Article Specific to your phone model. 

Thanks for reading. 


  1. how can i check whether i have to root my phone or not? Also, once you root the phone don't you loose manufacturer specific features?

    1. HI Pulkit,

      Thanks for reading my Post!!

      If you want to check that your phone is rooted or not. Kindly install root checker from Google Play. Here is the Link.

      If you root your phone you will not loose any features, But the manufacture warranty will Void.